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One last push – State Assembly Vote July 28th!


It is expected that the 99 members of the Wisconsin State Assembly will discuss and vote on the arena bill this Tuesday, July 28th.

We are only TWO days away from successfully concluding things at the State level. We need a simple majority or 50 votes for this to pass and have the arena bill move onto Gov. Walker’s desk for signature.


A: Elements of the plan still need to be approved by the Milwaukee Common Council, but that vote isn’t until September. The belief is that Milwaukee will support the plan when it comes to a vote there.

One regional note for those living in Milwaukee -> State Senator Tim Carpenter (D- Milwaukee) who voted AGAINST the new arena last week is now running for the Milwaukee Common Council in a special election on August 18th to fill a vacant seat. As many of you recall, Sen. Carpenter made a blanket statement that “his constituents were against the bill”.  If you live in his district in Milwaukee you may want to research whether he would vote “no” on the arena plan in September should he be elected to the Milwaukee Common Council. Find out if you live in the 11th Aldermanic district at this link.


A: All involved in the process in Madison said that YOUR calls from two weeks ago were what made the difference in the successful passage of the arena bill in the Senate last week. Our guess is that as we come closer to Tuesday’s vote there will be plenty of political hijinks. Reinforce with your representative that you do not want them playing politics. Vote “Yes”! Continue reading

Wes Edens Interview with Don Walker – Our Takeaways


Don Walker with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a new piece up where he interviews Bucks owner Wes Edens on a number of arena related topics. This is a must read for Bucks fans as Edens highlights some important points and foreshadows where he’d like to see things head in the arena debate.

Here are the important takeaways from that piece:

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New Arena Site – The Journal Building


Both Rich Kirchen of the Milwaukee Business Journal and Don Walker of the Journal Sentinel have been doggedly pursuing the new arena story for the past six-months and have done a great job. However they got scooped last night by Jim Owczarski of OnMilwaukee.com, who tweeted out:

Kudos to Jim on breaking this news. Now let’s talk about where we go from here. Continue reading

New TV Contract Another Game Changer


Details are leaking out tonight about the new TV contract that the NBA is about to enter into with their broadcast partners, Turner and ESPN. The numbers are a stunner and larger than initially thought. We are going to break down the details for you, as they explain a great deal about why the Bucks sold for so much money last Spring and why the team’s future in Milwaukee should be very bright.

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Some Thoughts on Last Week……


Last week was a great time for all Bucks fans as new owners Wes Edens and Marc Lasry made the rounds, talking about themselves, the Bucks and their plans for the future.

Frank Madden at Brewhoop has a nice summary of some of the sportstalk radio interviews. They are worth listening to if you have not already.

We have a few observations on what all went down last week and wanted to share them — better late than never! Continue reading

Save Our Bucks

Cultural Task Force Meeting and Draft Party Recap


On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, the Milwaukee Cultural Facilities Task Force will be meeting at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The meeting is expected to run from 8:00am to Noon.  At this meeting, the 48-member task force will hear from different community leaders about how cultural and entertainment events can help create a more vibrant Milwaukee Metro Community and benefit the region as a whole. Continue reading

The Next Chapter Begins……


It has been 48-hours since the sale of the Bucks was announced. We wanted to wait before posting our thoughts, to allow some time to absorb the details. Our reaction to the news is extremely positive and we are optimistic about the team’s long-term future in the City.  Let’s now talk specifics: Continue reading

Milwaukee Bucks, Save Our Bucks

“Buck Up” & attend the Bucks final Home Game with us! #saveourbucks

The Milwaukee Bucks 2013-2014 Campaign is coming to a close on April 16th vs the Atlanta Hawks.

Now’s the time to get out and SUPPORT the team by attending the final home game. Support the players who had to lace em up for countless games when they knew their fate was sealed. They’ve earned it.

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BMO Harris Bradley Center Milwaukee, Save Our Bucks

The Arena Debate – What to Look For in the Months Ahead

On Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 6:00pm, there will be a public listening session at the Mardak Center (1558 N. 6th Street in Milwaukee) to allow the public to provide input to the Cultural and Entertainment Needs Task Force.

At this session the 48-member committee will be listening to input from the public on metropolitan capital needs (hint – a new arena) and how to pay for such a project.  As Bucks’ fans, we strongly encourage you to attend, if only to show the committee that people are interested in the future of the team in Milwaukee.  Our spokesman Paul Henning will be there, and afterwards there will be a SaveOurBucks viewing party of that night’s Bucks game against Minnesota at The Loaded Slate. For more information, check out the Facebook page we have set up for the meeting.

For those who are not able to make the meeting, do not despair.  We are likely only in the second inning of a nine-inning ballgame. This is going to be a long-process and not something that is going to get decided in the next six-months. While the 2017 deadline set by the NBA for the Bucks to have a new facility is a real threat, the building does not need to be constructed by that date; the Bucks just need to have approved and firmly in place the plans for a new facility. They can always reside another year or two in the BMO Harris Bradley Center if needed while construction is completed on a new building.

With that overview, we’d like to note some things to watch for in the near future as it relates to a potential new home for the Milwaukee Bucks. Continue reading

The Trade Deadline – Our Thoughts

Ramon Sessions, Milwaukee Bucks, NBA, Save Our Bucks

Ramon looking pleased during his first stint as a Buck; wearing #7, before Ersan wore #7, but after Ersan wore #19. Now Ramon wears #13, after Luke Ridnour had been #13 for the Bucks, twice. Confused?

Immediately after last week’s trade deadline we sent out a couple tweets regarding the Bucks trade of Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour to Charlotte for Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien. On the surface, it was a good deal. The team dealt two players that didn’t fit, for two players that might fit better, and in the process saved $3.5 million in contract liabilities.  Additionally, neither Sessions nor Adrien have guaranteed contracts for next season, so it may open up another roster spot for a new rookie moving forward.

Had this trade been made by a brand new Bucks front office we probably would have applauded it as a nice minor move, and not had much further to say. However when you put the trade into a larger multi-year context, we were struck by how the trade fit a revolving-door pattern that has been going on with the Bucks front office for many years now.

Giving an opinion on Twitter, while using only 140 characters, can be a challenging task, and a few of you let us know that you didn’t think this was our best work. The issue with our tweets was that we didn’t do a good job of laying the foundation for our thoughts on the trade as part of a larger, overall dysfunctional pattern of player asset management.

In today’s Part I we’ll look at how the Bucks roster under John Hammond has been a high-speed, revolving door of players who never seem to work out. In next week’s Part II, we will examine how much autonomy John Hammond or any Bucks General Manager has under the front office structure employed by Senator Kohl.

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