Milwaukee Bucks, Save Our Bucks

“Buck Up” & attend the Bucks final Home Game with us! #saveourbucks

The Milwaukee Bucks 2013-2014 Campaign is coming to a close on April 16th vs the Atlanta Hawks.

Now’s the time to get out and SUPPORT the team by attending the final home game. Support the players who had to lace em up for countless games when they knew their fate was sealed. They’ve earned it.

Just 4 short seasons ago we were screaming “FEAR THE DEER” as we fought the Hawks to a 7 game series in the 1st round of the 2010 Playoffs. This year we close the season on a decidedly different tone, but one that leaves us with endless reasons for optimism. Giannis has blossomed in a potential star budding before our eyes. The top picks in college will all bring something to the team no matter who we pick.

In November, Save Our Bucks raised $5,100 from passionate Bucks fans to erect a billboard on 4th & McKinley bearing an image of NBA Lottery Ping Pong Balls and a message stating “Winning Takes Balls” indicating we wanted the Bucks management to develop the youth and invest in draft lottery talent to replenish our talent pool.

The season has progressed beyond our wildest dreams and we find ourselves in a position to have locked up the #1 slot in the NBA standings for the 2014 NBA Draft. The kids waiting in the draft have shown huge potential and we can’t wait to add one of the best of them to our roster.

Future ownership & arena issues have raised endless questions amongst the media and fans. Rumors are flying that there could be an ownership change shortly after the season comes to a close. What this means is, this could be Herb Kohl’s last home game in Milwaukee as Majority Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. While many of you will be ready to cheer his departure, we want to instead tell you this is the time to thank Herb Kohl for being the first man who stepped up and ‘saved our Bucks’ in 1985. No matter how you feel about his history (our feelings are well documented), we feel he deserves a classy thank you and appreciation from the fans of Milwaukee.

Bucks Fans have been divided as this season began and unfolded into “tankers” and…..not tankers. “Good fans” and “bad fans”. No matter which side of the fence you are on, or when you flipped to the other side. It’s time to put all that aside and appreciate each other. Appreciate that we made it thru the season and we have a solid young core and a high lottery pick coming. Show the city there are Bucks fans here. Show the NBA & potential investors/owners there is a market for basketball here in Milwaukee. Get out and show them we care about the Milwaukee Bucks and we want them to stay in Milwaukee.  We’ll be there, and we want to see as many of you with us as possible.

So, be hopeful for the future and appreciative of the past, get out and celebrate with Save Our Bucks by attending the Final Home Game of 2014 on April 16th vs Atlanta Hawks.

Facebook event page here. Pregame & post game meet up at SCOOTERS.

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