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About Those Hedge Fund Managers……


We haven’t published two pieces in one day, but given the news broken by Bill Simmons that hedge fund managers Marc Lasry and Wes Edens are the front-runners to purchase the team, we felt there needed to be a bit more commentary on the subject.

In our earlier piece, we provided some background on Lasry and Edens for those unfamiliar with them.  We encourage everyone to read that article first, as it will help provide context for this companion discussion. In this piece, we’d like to sound a note of caution for Bucks fans that the long-term future of the franchise could still be fragile if Senator Kohl goes forward with a sale to Lasry and Edens. Continue reading

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The New Arena Debate – How You Can Help!

The local debate regarding a new arena facility is just starting to heat up in earnest. While we are all very interested and want to have our voice heard, we still don’t yet have any details on an arena plan or location. As we noted in our prior article, this process is going to take some time to play out. We are only in the early innings. That said, we’d like to suggest two ways that you can help right now. Continue reading

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The Arena Debate – What to Look For in the Months Ahead

On Tuesday March 11, 2014 at 6:00pm, there will be a public listening session at the Mardak Center (1558 N. 6th Street in Milwaukee) to allow the public to provide input to the Cultural and Entertainment Needs Task Force.

At this session the 48-member committee will be listening to input from the public on metropolitan capital needs (hint – a new arena) and how to pay for such a project.  As Bucks’ fans, we strongly encourage you to attend, if only to show the committee that people are interested in the future of the team in Milwaukee.  Our spokesman Paul Henning will be there, and afterwards there will be a SaveOurBucks viewing party of that night’s Bucks game against Minnesota at The Loaded Slate. For more information, check out the Facebook page we have set up for the meeting.

For those who are not able to make the meeting, do not despair.  We are likely only in the second inning of a nine-inning ballgame. This is going to be a long-process and not something that is going to get decided in the next six-months. While the 2017 deadline set by the NBA for the Bucks to have a new facility is a real threat, the building does not need to be constructed by that date; the Bucks just need to have approved and firmly in place the plans for a new facility. They can always reside another year or two in the BMO Harris Bradley Center if needed while construction is completed on a new building.

With that overview, we’d like to note some things to watch for in the near future as it relates to a potential new home for the Milwaukee Bucks. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Bucks Task Force Meeting & Post Meeting Viewing Party

Next week Tuesday March 11 the Cultural & Entertainment Task Force is holding the 2nd Public Listening Session this time downtown at the Boys & Girls Club on 6th Street at 6pm to 7:30pm.

SaveOurBucks.com ‘s own Paul Henning will be attending, we’d love you to join him to voice or just show your support for a new arena project (or entertainment complex as they are calling it now).  That same night the Bucks take on the Twolves on the road at 7pm. After the meeting there’ll be a viewing party at The Loaded Slate to watch the game. Paul has reserved the back room which has a projection screen, there will be food & drink available for purchase.  Paul will also have a limited number of FREE SOB t-shirts while they last.

Continue reading

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Which comes first? Ticket Sales or the Product?

SaveOurBucks.com celebrates two-months in existence today, and with that milestone we want to address the topic of ticket sales and home-game attendance.

A few folks have asked why SaveOurBucks.com is not aggressively advocating that people buy tickets to Bucks games. Some who pose that question, do so from the standpoint of believing ticket sales to be the best way to keep the team in Milwaukee. Another small subset of fans, who are not comfortable with the “tough love” approach of this website ask:

“The Bucks are playing the young guys like you asked for.  Why aren’t you (and others) packing the Bradley Center now?

Let’s hit these issues head-on in a comprehensive discussion of ticket sales and our Milwaukee Bucks. Continue reading

Save Our Bucks Headlines TMJ4 News

On the same day that Herb Kohl announced he was seeking new investors for the Bucks it was an interview with Save Our Bucks own Paul Henning outside the Bradley Center that led the 6pm News broadcast on TMJ4.