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Save Our Bucks mentions in mainstream media.

Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) tells Jalen Rose (@JalenRose) about

Bill Simmons has been talking about again, this time telling Jalen Rose about us in his latest Grantland video series, Part 3 of their 33 Day NBA recap.  It’s only a brief snippet but it warmed our hearts too, Bill.

If your browser doesn’t automatically do it for you skip to 23:56 to hear about but the entire thing is worth a watch if you have the time.

Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) has his say on #SaveOurBucks over at Grantland

@BillSimmons has mentioned in his most recent article on saying in part :

“For Milwaukee, when you’re forced to launch just to (a) make it clear that fans still love the team, (b) prove that all the losing isn’t the “small market’s” fault (when it’s really bad management), and (c) proactively protect yourselves against the possibility of a franchise relocation, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.”

It’s a very interesting read about how unbelievably bad the Eastern Conference is this year and the teams in line to pick at the top of next years loaded draft.  Read the full article here.

Kelly Dwyer (@KDonhoops) covers @SaveOurBucks again, this time full story on Yahoo! Sports #SaveOurBucks

Another great piece recently from Kelly Dwyer @KDonhoops over at Yahoo! Sports – Ball Don’t Lie, this time a full article on the fundraising recently taking place for the fan funded Billboard.  We’ve provided a transcript below but to see it in all it’s glory make sure you view it here.


Frustrated Bucks fans are raising money for a billboard begging the team to lose games

It’s rather crude, you’d surely submit, but a group of desperate Milwaukee Bucks fans have launched their own crowd-sourced campaign to raise a billboard in Milwaukee to remind the team’s front office of an undeniable NBA truth. To win in the NBA, you usually need a star. And the easiest way to acquire a star is to lose enough to draft one. And the only way to lose enough is to stop blindly clinging to mediocre players in hopes of a lower rung playoff berth.

No, Bucks fans want an entire lower rung season, in order to acquire good enough lottery odds to draft a star. And this is why the (dirty, dirty) minds behind have set up an page in hopes of raising enough money to launch this billboard in their team’s city:


The group, as of this writing, is well on their way to a “$3,000 to $4,000” goal, though “$5,000” is listed on the website. Here’s part of the reasoning behind the drive to launch the billboard:

In order for the Bucks to regain their footing with the fans and the community, they need to drastically improve the product on the court. As we have seen with the Packers in 1992 and the Brewers in 2004, moribund franchises can be turned around quickly. The Bucks can be a successful small market franchise both on the court and financially. However, for the Bucks to do this, they need to change their approach. One way to help change this approach is if the fan base can let the organization know that they will support a full rebuilding of the team under a new front office direction. This means being willing to part with high-priced journeymen veteran players and focus on building around young talent acquired with high draft picks. The talent rich 2014 NBA draft is the place to start.

As Eric Freeman noted in these pages months ago, the Bucks do not want to cast aside those hopes for a .500 record. The team wants to make the playoffs, even if the ceiling for this particular roster – even at full health – is not entirely impressive. In an awful bit of irony that I’m not sure if Bucks fans are in favor for, the team isn’t at full health. And the hoped-for 41 wins seem a long way away, because with franchise big man Larry Sanders out after allegedly injuring his wrist in a bar fight, the team will have to go 39-30 the rest of the way in order to grab that .500 mark. And even at full strength, this is not a 39-30 team.

That’s sort of what happens when you pin your hopes on overachieving late lottery picks like Sanders, John Henson, and Brandon Knight alongside journeymen like O.J. Mayo and Zaza Pachulia, with a respected if retread coach like Larry Drew leading the way. Milwaukee general manager John Hammond has been the subject of mostly league-wide scorn for his attempts to stick in the middle – but to Bucks fans this is no joke.

This is their team, in a city that seems to be falling out of love with NBA basketball. And despite the (hoped-for) presence of a cool court and a top-notch promotional and broadcasting team, we can’t blame fair-weather former Bucks fans for fleeing. There’s no joy in rooting for a team that has no chance at a championship, while at the same time playing at a middling level that would leave the squad’s draft chances out of the top three. It’s a maddening purgatory, one that Bucks fans have been dealing with for over a decade.

With that 2-11 start, Milwaukee may be well on its way back up the lottery ranks. Still, a rather vocal batch of Bucks fans want to remind the team’s front office that this is to be embraced. And even if their play on words is a little crude, we support the cause.


Courtesy Yahoo Sports

If you aren’t following @KDonhoops yet, make sure you do. Paul Henning interview with Phil Dawson

Recently appointed spokesperson Paul Henning (@brewcitypaul) has been a busy man!  One of his several media engagements today was with @phildawsonradio at The Big 920.  Phil asked great questions and @brewcitypaul handled it like a seasoned pro, covering the important issues raised herein.  Have a listen by clicking here.  Many thanks to Phil Dawson for taking the time.

Matt Moore covers for CBS Sports

CBS Sports have got in on the act, offering their take on via Matt Moore.
Moore offered up in part :

“One group of fans, however, with an eye on the future and an understanding of market dynamics as well as the reality of the arena situation in Milwaukee, has a proposal. Give in. Lose. We’ll stand by you……

….The group is raising money for a billboard, to actually tell the team to lose.

This is both hilarious, and cool. That takes a smart set of fans to understand that.”

You can read the full article here.

Kelly Dwyer praises on Yahoo! Sports #SaveOurBucks

Writing his regular Ball Don’t Lie column on yahoo! Sports recently Kelly Dwyer (@KDonhoops) heaped praise on  Speaking about some disgruntled Cavs fans taking to booing struggling #1 pick Anthony Bennett, Dwyer wrote in part :

“ details at length the many reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks have remained a disappointingly mediocre team through the years, but it also details possible solutions, while crediting the team owner for going out of his way to keep the team in Milwaukee. It offers cogent solutions, it’s nuanced, it’s clearly well-researched and intelligent, but it’s also as passionate and frustrated as a high volume “boo”.

And that’s aimed at a franchise, full of well-meaning professional executives, coaches and players. You may not agree with some of their decisions, but the Bucks can handle it. Even while being told that they’re the reason the team needs saving.”

We appreciate the kind words and several Bucks fans told him so via twitter, one of which he responded to with the following :

Give him a follow people, and don’t forget to read the full article.

Sam Amico mentions Save Our Bucks on twitter recently received some kudos from Sam Amico – he of Fox Sports NBA coverage.