Kelly Dwyer praises on Yahoo! Sports #SaveOurBucks

Writing his regular Ball Don’t Lie column on yahoo! Sports recently Kelly Dwyer (@KDonhoops) heaped praise on  Speaking about some disgruntled Cavs fans taking to booing struggling #1 pick Anthony Bennett, Dwyer wrote in part :

“ details at length the many reasons why the Milwaukee Bucks have remained a disappointingly mediocre team through the years, but it also details possible solutions, while crediting the team owner for going out of his way to keep the team in Milwaukee. It offers cogent solutions, it’s nuanced, it’s clearly well-researched and intelligent, but it’s also as passionate and frustrated as a high volume “boo”.

And that’s aimed at a franchise, full of well-meaning professional executives, coaches and players. You may not agree with some of their decisions, but the Bucks can handle it. Even while being told that they’re the reason the team needs saving.”

We appreciate the kind words and several Bucks fans told him so via twitter, one of which he responded to with the following :

Give him a follow people, and don’t forget to read the full article.

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