Kelly Dwyer does it again, talking Bucks FO disasters and #SaveOurBucks

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Another great piece from @KDonhoops over at yahoo! sports, this time focusing on something we’ve talked about quite a bit, the Milwaukee Bucks falling backwards into this disastrous season and calling it a strategy.  

The entire article is fantastic, but one particular section stood out to us –

“In this case, though, the fans are right. Milwaukee should have attempted a proper rebuild several times by now.

The double-edged sword here, as the team gets lucky with the terrible record and with Larry Sanders’ most recent unfortunate incident, is that they will be awarded at worst the third pick in this year’s draft, while likely having the best odds at the top pick. The problem with that is that the same owner and (to a shorter extent) front office that has presided over this decade-long mess will now be charged with leading a rebuilding process that they didn’t want in the first place.

Inadvertent rebuilding. The Bucks can’t even screw up correctly.”

Read the full article here.

One thought on “Kelly Dwyer does it again, talking Bucks FO disasters and #SaveOurBucks


    I thought the worst they can draft is fourth. Wondering why Hammond still has a job except for no other GM wanting to come here.


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