Kelly Dwyer on Larry Drew, the Milwaukee Bucks and #SaveOurBucks

Milwaukee Bucks, Larry Drew

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Kelly Dwyer has written another solid piece on the Milwaukee Bucks in his regular Ball Don’t Lie column over at yahoo! Sports.  This one isn’t directly about but covers many topics that SOB is all about – including Larry Drew’s role and frustration levels with his team, GM John Hammond’s failings, and the general failure and impatience of the Milwaukee Bucks front office that has led to the catastrophic current Bucks outfit.

One section that we found particularly interesting reads :

Even after dealing former point man Brandon Jennings (something many would view as a positive for Milwaukee), the Bucks attempted to approximate last season’s 8th-seeded trip to the playoffs by dealing Jennings for Brandon Knight, signing O.J. Mayo, and acquiring veterans like Caron Butler, Zaza Pachulia, and Luke Ridnour. General manager John Hammond has convinced himself that the key to Milwaukee’s eventual turnaround is to avoid rebuilding at all costs, even if this continues to tick off a fan base that badly wants the team to smartly restart from the bottom up.

For various reasons, Hammond and his team’s fans are getting the worst of both worlds, paying nearly the salary cap amount for a team that is on pace for 15 wins, a group that still will have contracts for decidedly non-rebuild-y players like Pachulia, Mayo, and the disappointing Ersan Ilyasova on the books for years beyond this one.”

Dwyer, as usual, hits the mark.  Read the full article here.

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