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Bucks get #2 overall Pick in 2014 NBA Draft

The NBA lottery has been run and won with the Cleveland Cavaliers once again winning the #1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft.  The Milwaukee Bucks, despite entering the lottery with the highest chance at the first pick fell to second overall, with the Philadelphia 76’ers ending up with the 3rd pick.

The luckiest team were of course the Cavs, who came from the clouds to land the #1 pick for the third time in 4 years despite entering the lottery with just a 1.7% shot at winning from the 9th slot.  They’ll be hoping for a bigger impact out of whoever they pick than they’ve so far had out of last years #1, Anthony Bennett.

For the Bucks, despite the initial disappointment, this was a great day.  We’re going to get a great player at pick 2, now we just need to ensure we do everything in our power to get the right people around him to develop that pick into the gamechanger we know it can be.  The star power available between Wiggins, Parker, Exum and Embiid has us looking forward to draft day already.  Celebrate SOB fans, for these are happy times!

Go Bucks!

One thought on “Bucks get #2 overall Pick in 2014 NBA Draft


    Two is okay considering they could’ve dropped to fourth. Jabari Parker should still be available since everybody thinks the Cavs will draft Embiid number one despite his back issue. Edens’ daughter’s skirt made the telecast more – um, interesting.


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