Bucks pick Jabari Parker!

The Milwaukee Bucks today picked Jabari Parker at #2 in the 2014 NBA Draft.  The 19 year old 6ft8in Duke Forward was taken by the Bucks following Andrew Wiggins going #1 to Cleveland.


The top 10 of the 2014 NBA Draft was :

  1. Andrew Wiggins – Cleveland
  2. Jabari Parker – Milwaukee
  3. Joel Embiid – Philadelphia
  4. Aaron Gordon – Orlando
  5. Dante Exum – Utah
  6. Marcus Smart – Boston
  7. Julius Randle – Los Angeles Lakers
  8. Nik Stauskas – Sacramento
  9. Noah Vonleh – Charlotte
  10. Elfrid Payton – Philadelphia

Exciting times, we’ll have analysis and more news on Draft Day coming soon….

One thought on “Bucks pick Jabari Parker!

  1. buck.fush1@gmail.com'Buckley

    Just hope he doesn’t turn out to be Big Dog II. ESPN draft analysts mentioned his defensive lapses and potential weight problems but also said he was the most NBA-ready and fan poll said he’d have the best chance among the top three or four draft picks to be a superstar. I like his enthusiasm and hope for the best.


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