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Save Our Bucks Mock Draft 1.0


With less than 24-hours remaining until the start of the 2014 NBA Draft, we thought we’d give it a go with our own mock draft for your consumption. Note that we are only going out to the first eight picks, but we offer some predictions along with “fan hope” that the Bucks might be able to deal up for a second selection in the “Elite 8”.

Before we begin, if any of you are in New York City for the Draft, be sure to hook up with your fellow Bucks fans tomorrow night to present our team loud and proud at the Barclays Center. Our spokesman Paul Henning left Milwaukee this morning to attend his first draft in person and we understand there are a few more of you on your way there. For those that have never attended an NBA draft before, it is a great ‘bucket list’ event for hard-core NBA fans.

Now onto the Mock Draft 1.0 !

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Bucks Fans — Your Draft Angst is Over!


You know you felt it deep down inside. Just admit it. Would the Bucks make the right selection with the #2 overall pick next Thursday? What if they took Jabari Parker and he didn’t pan out as expected, while Andrew Wiggins became a star with Philadelphia?  Or Cleveland shocked the NBA world and selected Wiggins, leaving the Bucks to make a decision on Joel Embiid and his back? Or the Bucks passed on Parker and he became the next Grant Hill, while Wiggins struggled with becoming the next Gerald Green. Those are natural thoughts and all part of being a fan of a team that hasn’t had much luck or made many right decisions over the past two-decades.

As many of you now are aware, Joel Embiid is having surgery tomorrow for a navicular fracture in his right foot. The injury was discovered by Cleveland doctors examing his films after he worked out for the Cavaliers last week. The general consensus from the internet news reports tonight is that the surgery has a 4-9 month recovery time, has a decent chance of recurring and is harder for big-men to recover from given the large amount of mass they carry as compared to smaller players such as guards or small forwards.

Here are some answers to common questions stemming from the Embiid news.

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More Chad Ford Analysis and SOB Draft Party!


We’ve noted in the past that we do not view this site as your daily source of Bucks news, as there are many other great outlets that cover events on a daily basis. However today we stumbled upon a nugget that Bucks fans may want to check out — a podcast interview just completed between ESPN Draft analyst Chad Ford and David Locke, the radio voice of the Utah Jazz. The podcast link and some interesting nuggets contained therein are discussed below.

In the meantime, with only one week to go, have you made your plans for draft night? If not, we’ve got a great option for you to consider. Here are the details:

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Some Thoughts on Last Week……


Last week was a great time for all Bucks fans as new owners Wes Edens and Marc Lasry made the rounds, talking about themselves, the Bucks and their plans for the future.

Frank Madden at Brewhoop has a nice summary of some of the sportstalk radio interviews. They are worth listening to if you have not already.

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Save Our Bucks

Cultural Task Force Meeting and Draft Party Recap


On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, the Milwaukee Cultural Facilities Task Force will be meeting at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The meeting is expected to run from 8:00am to Noon.  At this meeting, the 48-member task force will hear from different community leaders about how cultural and entertainment events can help create a more vibrant Milwaukee Metro Community and benefit the region as a whole. Continue reading

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Winning Takes Balls! – A recap of Lotto Night and Look Ahead to the #2 Pick


It was a wonderful evening for Bucks fans last night as the team secured the #2 pick in the upcoming draft. While we all would have liked the team to secure the top pick, remember that the alternatives were drafting #3 or #4. With the second pick the Bucks have a number of great options to explore between now and the NBA Draft on June 26th.

Top Six Reasons Why This Was a Great Night:

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A Season of Faith’s Perfection

Guest blogger Paul Henning gives his thoughts on the lottery.

The time has come for the Milwaukee Bucks to find out their fate.

The Bucks find themselves in an envious position as we head into the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, which was not a sentiment they felt at all during the actual 2014 NBA season. In so many ways this Bucks season was the exact opposite of perfect. But the opportunity for a franchise player makes it all worth it at this point.

The season was wrecked without even having a chance to get started. The Bucks once again found themselves to be the ridicule of the league and a game on the schedule that every team penciled in a W for. This was not a new feeling for this team or its fans.
Exasperated and destitute a sizable number of Bucks fans banded together to put up a billboard giving the team a public endorsement at investing in the draft lottery for the first time in a decade. Far too long had short term goals outweighed long term investments. Tired of being the dreaded “treadmill” team, bottoming out was the only way back to the top. The thing that kept us going was the faith or hope that there would be a point to everything we had collectively gone through. This season was a journey and I’m proud of all the fans that kept going to games and supporting the team and Save Our Bucks. Thank You.

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A Few Thoughts on Questions Raised by @SykesCharlie


We had a chance to listen to the 11:00am hour of the Charlie Sykes Show this morning on WTMJ 620 AM, the flagship station of the Bucks. Between Charlie, Jeff Wagner and various callers, there were a number of reasonable questions raised regarding the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks and their future in Milwaukee. Some of the discussion revolved around points raised in our article from yesterday that we encourage you to read in conjunction with the Q & A below.

We didn’t take detailed notes on each question or point discussed on Sykes show, but there were clearly some common themes that we wanted to provide our thoughts on, thus we’ve paraphrased questions raised during the show and offered our thoughts to those questions below. So let’s get started! Continue reading

Some Urban Myths that Popped Up This Week


In the wake of the Milwaukee Bucks’ sale announcement, a few critics of either the Bucks or a new arena decided to quickly get vocal about things. As a result, a number of urban myths were started to advance the narrative that the community doesn’t need to build a new arena nor bother to retain the team in Milwaukee, as it has no positive economic impact.

Here were some of the “truths” advanced last week in certain quarters around town:

“The ‘buyback clause’ in the franchise sale agreement is a bad faith attempt by the NBA to coerce Milwaukee into a new arena and/or take away our team”

“It is completely unfair that the NBA can tell Milwaukee to build a new arena in order to keep the team in Milwaukee long-term”

“We just heard that the Golden State Warriors are going to build their own privately-financed arena! This is a GAME-CHANGER and the Bucks should pay for all of it!”

“The Bucks have no economic impact. If they left, people would just spend their ticket money on movies, restaurants or other activities”

We’ll debunk all these myths and more!  Read on!

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The Next Chapter Begins……


It has been 48-hours since the sale of the Bucks was announced. We wanted to wait before posting our thoughts, to allow some time to absorb the details. Our reaction to the news is extremely positive and we are optimistic about the team’s long-term future in the City.  Let’s now talk specifics: Continue reading